About Us

Launched by makeup enthusiast, influencer, and entrepreneur Preeti Pahuja Chawla, HAWTLASH is the fastest growing Indian-origin Cosmetics line. Started in the year 2020, Hawtlash is fast becoming the #1 choice for false lashes in India by makeup lovers.

Hawtlash is a story of how innovation is the mother of all innovations. Preeti says, “ For years, I have struggled to find one perfect pair of lashes that I could call mine. And, where have I not travelled for it? (Well, not literally! But never left any cosmetic outlet with in India).”

Further she adds, I did or did not find perfect solutions, you can say. Being a makeup lover, sucker for fests, and a party enthusiast, I always knew what I wanted to perfect my look. Something that fits my eyes, looks natural, and at the same time most flattering.”

Study, surveys, and market research revealed around 7 out of 10 women (who wear lashes) were unsatisfied with their current purchases. Thus, in 2019 she decided to take things in her own hands. And that’s how the foundation of Hawtlash was formed.

Later, months of research, surveys, investigation, product scrutiny, and different eye types, needs were explored and tracked.

Bringing all of this together on paper and then as a product in India, the biggest makeup market in Asia, was about months of brainstorming, meetings with experts, and bringing in every block of puzzle together.

Finally, HAWTLASH was launched with 10 types of lashes- Faux Lashes and Magnetic Lashes. To cater to every makeup lover, starting from beginners to experts.

Today we have more than 30 types of lashes available and some new launches awaited soon.

She has always been a strong headed, opinionated, and a sucker for perfection in whatever She does. Some of the prerequisites that today’s women need. So why should You settle for anything that’s just not perfect?

Well, that’s how she created HAWTLASH as. Perfect, Quintessential, and Brilliant. It is not a story created in a day, but built over months of constant diligence.


As a brand, we are unique yet elegant, and innovative at all times. Whenever we develop a new product, we set out to surpass what has been done before. And after making a new product each time - because there might not have been anything of its kind before - we take pride in knowing that others can find solace and joy through it.

I am never swayed by wealth - my only motivation is to give people the chance to feel empowered despite what they come from or how much they spend. My motive behind this is because beauty comes through feeling safe enough to show yourself as you truly are.