The HAWTEST Style Guide for The Summer

Beauty enthusiasts all over the world are acing their no makeup natural looks with utter finesse! And what better way to add some subtle glamour to your makeup look than with false lashes? False lashes can add length, volume, and a bit of drama to your eyes without overpowering the rest of your makeup. Here are some subtle makeup trends to try out this summer using false lashes:

1. Natural-Looking Lashes: To achieve that effortless look, try using Glam or Blink Hawtlash that mimic your natural lashes. Opt for lashes that are tapered at the ends and have a thin band. Our Faux Mink Collection is just the right choice for your no makeup, yet sizzling looks. These lashes will just look like your natural lashes but better. (with added volume and length)

2. Fluttery Lashes: Fluttery lashes are perfect for adding those royal vibes to your makeup look. Fluttery and pretty, these lashes add the perfect volume for a bright, wide-eyed look to make your eyes really shine out. Try some of our bestsellers like Princess, Duchess, and Empress Hawt Lash for dramatic and show stopping looks.

3. Cat-Eye Lashes: Ideal for elongating and lifting the eyes, these lashes help you achieve a snatched look. Try Rome, Sorrento and Capri from the Luxury collection for the stunning cat eye effect.

4. Bottom Lashes: Want your eyes looking bigger and more awake? Here's a quick hack for you! Adding a few coats of mascara will accentuate your eye shape. Once you start doing this, there’s no going back.

5. Colored Lashes: Never underestimate the power of a colorful eye look. It’s piercing, bold & makes a solid fashion statement! Try out Fusion & Colored Hawtlash to freeze them in their tracks So ladies, makeup, no makeup, or little makeup, just a wash of colors in lashes and you become the sassiest diva in 3 2 1.....


When applying false lashes, be sure to trim them to fit your eye shape and use a good quality lash glue to ensure they stay in place all day. However, we all know how messy lash glue applications are. One wrong placement and your entire eye look is spoilt. Don’t be disheartened beauties, at HAWTLASH, we empower you with perfect lash application, with or without liner. The Black & Clear variant of Line and Lash from HAWTLASH are here to change your entire makeup game with just one swipe. Apply Line and Lash and stick your lashes. Voila! Perfect application in one go. Remember, false lashes are your best mate to enhance your natural beauty. So, embrace these subtle makeup trends with false lashes and let your eyes do the talking this summer!