How to Remove & Clean your Hawtlash

Eyelashes have one of the sassiest impacts on how we look; they make larger, flirtier eyes that undoubtedly draw ya attention. Even though wearing artificial lashes might seem simple, they do need the necessary maintenance.

Using very light hands, hold the very tip of the fake eyelashes, without touching your natural lashes. Pull the corner downwards very gently and towards the inner corner of your eyes. Just do this slowly instead of whipping them off. Voila ! It’s that simple.


Step #1 First of all peel of that extra glue with a tweezer

Step #2 Take a cotton swab, soak it in micellar water. Place your fake eyelashes on the cotton swab.

Step #3 Take second cotton swab, soak it in micellar water and place it on top of the fake eyelashes. Let it sit for twenty minutes.

Step #4 After twenty minutes, remove the top cotton swab. Take a q-tip and brush the eyelashes to remove extra mascara.

Step #5 Once dry, don’t forget to place back in the box.

Step #6 Be super delicate with all these steps.

If ya’ll don't clean your lashes, ya’ll have trouble reapplying them the next time, and soon have fake eyelashes covered with makeup. You may think it’s a struggle to “take em’ off”, but choosing a reliable brand like Hawtlash will make it simpler. Have fun playing with various lashes for your OOTD.