How to apply false lashes?

When it’s about defining and bringing more drama to your eyes, one can’t miss to apply lashes. Hawtlash is the one the top selling lash brand which brings out classy and trendy lashes for its customers. Although there is no rocket science in applying lash but one need to know few tricks to apply it conveniently so that it won’t fall off or hang loose.

Follow few easy steps to get flawless falsies:

# Gently pull off the lash from the tray. Pull it from the band and not from the hair to avoid damage.

# Place the falsies over your eye lid without applying glue to measure the size. Trim the excess lash from the outer corner. Trimming the excess eye lash will give you more natural look.

# Now delicately apply the adhesive on the band of the lash. Don’t apply too much glue as it will ooze out from under the band and onto your own lashes.

# After applying adhesive let it dry for about 30-40 seconds. Now with help of tweezers or fingers whatever you are comfortable with, start placing the falsies as close as possible to your lash line.

# Curl the eyelash and apply mascara to make your eyes look more flirtatious and dramatic. Also you can apply an eyeliner to conceal the lash line and make it look not neat.

# Ta-daaaah! Now you are all set to flaunt your beauteous eyes.