HAWTLASH CLEAR Line & Lash - It’s a Revolution!

Eyelashes have taken a place in our heart and vanity like nothing else today. 8 out of 10 women, today, agree to the fact that there is no other product in their vanity other than eyelashes that hold the power to change their makeup game.

With magnetic lashes being such a success, eyelashes have become a talk left, right and centre. But one thing that does not fade away, even after massive love for eye lashes, is the dread of using eyelash glues to stick the lashes. We all agree that glues are messy and complicated to use. And magnetic liners too can not always be an option. Why? Because latest makeup trends are evading the use of liners altogether. So how to make the eye makeup game strong, less messy, and hassle-free?

HAWTLASH has just launched a revolutionary CLEAR Line & Lash to help you ace your makeup games and easily stick your any favourite lashes (with or without magnets). After the massive success of black Line & Lash LINER, HAWTLASH expects to shake the market with this revolutionary transparent 2 in 1 glue formula that glides on smoothly on your eye creating a magnificent lash look.

How to Use Clear Line & Lash

Clear Line & Lash works like your any other regular pen liner. Follow the following steps to ace your lash application with Clear Line & Lash.

  1. Pick your favourite pair of lashes
  2. Cut them into your desired size
  3. Shake the Clear Line & Lash
  4. Draw a line like you would do with a pen liner
  5. Let it dry for 10 seconds
  6. Place your lashes and press
  7. Voila! Your lashes are stuck
  8. Apply any regular liner or don’t. You still slay!

Use Clear Line & Lash with your favourite pair of HAWTLASH lashes and slay any makeup look you want to. Get in touch today to know more.