Come Unwind the BTS of the Most Magnificent Lash Line

False lashes have been around for years now, but did you know that your makeup routine can be greatly enhanced by using them? More and more women have been turning to false lashes due to their many advantages; the biggest of these being that they make eyes appear larger, more dramatic, and more beautiful. The question isn’t why should I use false lashes? but rather where will I find my perfect pair? The Answer is HAWTLASH!

Designed and innovated out of real struggles, hence you’ll not find any other lash more closer to your specific type. So many types to choose from and so many collections to pick from for every occasion.

We’re not just working on lashes, we’re working on the science of creating lashes.

Changing the Game of Makeup in Indian Market

Lashes are haute couture of makeup. Hence, they should be for all, made for all, and fit all eye types. Bringing this vision to life HAWTLASH was born. Being the cornerstone of the makeup industry we have witnessed amazing sales and response in these few months of launch from in and outside India. Hence, the future holds expansion for Hawtlash geographically and in line of products. As we always say “We’re not just working on lashes, we’re working on the science of creating lashes.” HAWTLASH will continue to evolve to understand, create, and cater to changing needs of the market.

Preeti Pahuja- The Woman Behind Innovation and Rise of HAWTLASH

“How easily do we all compromise! Compromise with whatever’s easily available. But girl, you don’t need to settle for anything less than your worth” is what Preeti believes in and always recommends.

She has always been a strong headed, opinionated, and a sucker for perfection in whatever She does. Some of the prerequisites that today’s women need. So why should You settle for anything that’s just not perfect?

Well, that’s how she created HAWTLASH as. Perfect, Quintessential, and Brilliant. It is not a story created in a day, but built over months of constant diligence.

Bringing all of this together on paper and then as a product in India, the biggest makeup market in Asia, was about months of brainstorming, meetings with experts, and bringing in every block of puzzle together.

Finally, HAWTLASH was launched! More than 10 types of lashes- Faux Lashes and Magnetic Lashes. To cater to every makeup lover, starting from beginners to experts.

What are you waiting for? Make your choices and fill your ca(HEA)rt.